Protection of the rock face, cover and protective skirting

Protection of the rock face

When the well is drilled into the rock, it is possible that sediments detach from the rock face. These sediments may bury the pump if they accumulate at the bottom of the well. If we detect a friable area during drilling, we install a protective pipe in the well. This pipe is equipped with a joint sealing the well's sides, which retains any sediments that may detach from the rock face, thereby protecting the pump and accessories

Cover and protective skirting

We used sealed covers, eliminating the risk of infiltration of the well by vermin, which can create contamination.

This cover is exclusive to Puits Fréchette. It permits us to instal the electric wire completely below ground, which assures a greater security and complete integrity of the seal.

The aluminum protective skirting does not rust and requires no maintenance.

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